SWR/SHNV Award of Honour Recipients: Jamie Funkhouser Awarded 8/30/2011


Jamie Funkhouser Awarded 8/30/2011

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Meet a Southron with grits HERE

God bless ya Jamie!

Jamie donned a Confederate uniform with a rifle and stood on that monument at Reidsville, NC that was damaged by the fool truck driver (if it was an accident, that is) has shown what makes the South great. Nobody asked him to do it; he did it on his own. He gets nothing (but abuse) standing there for folks to see, but his spirit is of the best. Too bad it can't be bottled and sold so that a lot of folks could drink of it. I have never read of a more generous and courageous act; he didn't care if he was called names and laughed at. He stood there not for us, but for the men that monument represents.

God bless him and Deo Vindice.
SWR's Lady Val

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At 9/01/2011 , Blogger Dixie Cross Defender said...

He has more than earned it!


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