SWR/SHNV Award of Honour Recipients: "Virginia Flagger" Susan Hathaway


"Virginia Flagger" Susan Hathaway

In a very short time she has proven herself most worthy to the Southern movement community in the defense of our heroes & Flags. She has been unrelenting in attacking "those people" that attack us.

Virginia Flagger
Susan Frise Hathaway

SWR/SHNV & The Southern American


At 10/22/2011 , Anonymous CONFEDERATE DAWG said...


At 10/22/2011 , Blogger Funkhouser said...

She is a true Southorn Belle. Well deserving of the honor given to her. I look forward to seeing her in Richmond soon. I hope she can come to Riedsville and flag with me.

At 10/30/2011 , Anonymous Bill Kelleher said...

The Scalawags in Richmond are Almost as BAD as the ones in Petersburg, Va, another FORMER CONFEDERATE City--------------------------------Bill Kelleher--------


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