SWR/SHNV Award of Honour Recipients: HK Edgerton's Award


HK Edgerton's Award

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Many members of SHNV & SWR have had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful Southern Christian warrior. If you ever get the chance to meet and talk with Brother HK... do! You will never forget the meeting.

He is most respected and loved by all in the movement for Dixie and Southern Heritage.

God bless,

For SHNV, SWR & Southern American


At 2/04/2012 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Keep on walking, but don't forget your golf!


At 2/04/2012 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

HK is a true southern gentleman. I met him the first time when he was coming into Texas from Lousiana. We did a oneupsmanship on Lousiana by escorting him into Texas on Horseback with a Texas flag. From top of a horse he looks tiny. He knows whom I am!

At 2/05/2012 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

H. K. Thanks for all you do. Loved having you on my television show, True American Histroy a few years back. Folks can now view those 29-minute TV shows of

Go to

God Bless,

Howard Ray White, TV producer and historian.


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